About the School

The School is a Department of the Faculty of Science. Staff contact details, EH&S information and more can be found here.



The School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne is one of Australia's leading research centres in the chemical sciences. 


Studying Chemistry

The first lectures in Chemistry at the University were given in 1856. Our BSc Chemistry major was the first to receive accreditation under the new RACI guidelines in 2015.



The School has strong links to the community through various programs, collections, regular events and publications.



Uncovering the secrets of fungal cell wall metabolism

Research from the Williams lab and international collaborators on carbohydrates published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.




Improved solar panels & printed electronics - new finding

Chemistry research published in Nature Communications could lead to vastly improved organic solar cell performance.




RACI Accreditation of Chemistry Major

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute has accredited the BSc Chemistry program at University of Melbourne

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