Publication in Science for Georgina Such

Monday, 15 July 2013 - 3:15pm

Congratulations to Dr Georgina Such for her publication in Science with Frank Caruso's Nanostructured Interfaces & Materials Science Group. The article (Ejima et al., Science (2013) 341: 154-157) reports on a new surface assembly technique based on the one-step coating of various interfaces with complexes of natural polyphenols, most notably tannic acid, with Fe(III) ions. The film formation is initiated by the absorption of the polyphenol and stabilised by pH-dependent, multivalent coordination bonding by the Fe ions. This assembly technique can be performed on a range of templates and is extremely rapid, requiring less than 10 seconds for film formation. The ease, low cost and scalability of this process make it attractive for biomedical and environmental applications.